> Venice day 2

Picturesque Canal
Bronze Horses
Mosaic St. Mark's
Mosaic Crucifixion
St. Mark's Basilica
St. Mark's Full View
Jake and Friends
Winged Lion; Symbol of Venice
Boardwalk just off St. Mark's
Palazzo Ducale
Jake in Front of Bridge of Sighs
Artist's Pastel Interpretation
Shrine with Flowers
View from Rialto Bridge Afternoon
Rialto Bridge Afternoon
Frutti Di Mer Salad
Gondola Ride
Flowery Balcony
Ornate Windows
Rialto from Gondola
Home of Cassanova (and Gondolier Carlo)
Marco Polo's Home
Canal with Gondola
Joshua with Pigeon
Jake the Birdman
The Birds!!!!
Rialto at Night
View from Rialto at Night