> Savoring Salzburg

Triton Fountain
Entrance to St. Peter's Cemetary and Catacombs
So Long, Farewell
St. Peter's Church/Cemetery
St. Peter's
Holy Mary...
Goden Arches, Salzburg style
Courtyard with blossoms
Salzburg Cathedral with fountain
St. Peter's Interior
Ostentaion to the third power
Pipe organ
Wrought iron entry
The Virgin Mary
Salzburg Cathedral
Mirabell Gardens
Rain-kissed Roses
More Rain-kissed Roses
Mirabell interior
Turn the Kaleidescope, New view
Cafe Tomaselli, est. 1705
Cafe Tomaselli
St, Peter's Cemetery
St. Peter's
All Mozart (candy) all the time
Salzburg Cathedral, against the sky
Wrought iron gate, St. Peter's
St. Peter's interior
String quintet, starring Marilyn Monroe
More light play
Distant mountains, brooding sky
Salzburg Cathedral, interior
Salzburg Cathedral, dome
Salzburg Cathedral
Salzburg Cathedral, side chapel
Icon with candles
The Mozart Kitchen
Ceramic stove
Herr Mozart's Wallet
Another stove/furnace
Mozart played here
Oom Pah Pah
Baptismal font, Salzburg Cathedral
Cafe Tomaselli....again.