> Oxford Farewell

Alice's Shop
Magdalen Chapel Stained Glass
Stained glass window at Magdalen College
Magdalen College Chapel
Magdalen Chapel Windows
Magdalen chapel Windows
The Lord's Supper
View Through Magdalen Window
Lecturn inside Magdalen Courtyard
Madalen Tower
Magdalen Quad Plantings
Magdalen Quad
Cream Tea
Punters seen from my tea table
Magdalen Gardens
English Roses
Magdalen from the Walk
Evocative English House Seen from Addison's Walk
Addison's Walk
Rainy Isis
Magdalen Gardens
Magdalen College inside Quad
Magdalen Tower seen through Window
Magdalen Tower seen through Window
Grape Covered Window with Roses
Grape Covered Window
Celtic Cross at St. Cross Cemetary
St. Cross Cemetary
Crosses and Thistles
Vine covered Cross
Grave Marker
Celtic Cross against the sky
Cemetery Gate
Divinity School at the Bodliean
Crouching Gargolyle at St. Mary's
St. John's College
Radcliffe Camera (part of the Bodleian)
Approaching Storm
St. Aldate's Street
West from Tower of St. Mary's
Ominous Clouds
Rainy Oxford
View from my tunnel hideout
The Lamb and Flag
keble College Chapel
Keble College Chapel
Fallen Petals