> Kelsey's Europe

Kelsey in the Ruins of the Palatine Hill
Cross in Colliseum
Kelsey's Sillhouette...
Luggage Waiting for Train
Peek a boo
Reading on the Train
View from Kelsey's Window...
Impending Storm Over Venice
Canal in Venice
View from Kelsey's Window...
Shot from the train
Harbor at Vernazza...Evening
Jake and Mom...
Sea and Sky
Pastel Sunset...Vernazza
Cotton Candy Clouds
Profile Against Blue Sky
Evening Sky
Lights effects.
Crescent Moon
Meeting of the Waters
More Fun and Games
Vernazza at Night
Kelsey in Luggage Compartment
Aboard the Paris Metro
Jake being...being..??..??
Bridge, Eiffel Tower, Seine
Clouds over the Seine
Notre Dame
Kelsey and Notre Dame
Saint Chappelle
Rose Window, Saint Chappelle
Clown School Lunch Break?
Nice Little Home by the Seine
Trio on Playing on Bridge
Everpresent Pigeons
"May I have this Dance?"
Mmm Gelato
Pretty Girl
Notre Dame Courtyard
Notre Dame, Back View