> Glorious Greece

First Glimpse
Mount Olympus
Greek salad
The Holy Monastery of Varlaam
The Holy Monastery of Great Meteoron
Great Meteora
Barrels and kegs
Bird's eye view
A Hearty, Practical Beauty
Cooktop :)
Water and oil
Kalambaka from Great Meteora
Beautiful girl, Beautiful view
The lower terrace
Former Residents
The Pully
Varlaam through wildflowers
Mountains of stone
The Holy Monastery of Rousanou/St. Barbara
Joshua with the boxing glove
Stone garden
The Monastery of St. Barbara
Giant lilies
The Holy Monastery of St. Nicholas Anapausas
St. Nicholas/Christ on the Cross
A Silent Contemplation
Roadside Bouquet
Market day
Church of the Dormition of the Virgin
Greek olives
Athens at night
Nuts, anyone?
Herbalist Shop
Amphitheater on the side of the Acropolis
The Parthenon
Parthenon, rear view
View from the Acropolis
Stoic elegance
Caryatid Porch of the Erechtheion
Kelsey on the Areopagus
Church of the Holy Apostles, 10th century
Church of the Holy Apostles, interior
Christ the Pantocrator