> Beautiful Barcelona

Triumphal Arch
Beauty AND Books!
Fairy Tale Architecture
Just another beautiful building in Barcelona
Candy Shop
Dali Mosaic
Floating man
Barcelona Harbor
Floating room
La Pedrera
Delightful Tangle of Passion flowers and Bouganvilla
Passion Flower Blossom
Bouganvilla Blossom
Just your average trinket store in Barcelona
First glimpse of Parc Guell
Entrance to Parc Guell
Gingerbread House
Creativity unbound
Gallery beneath Veranda
The "Cloisters" from above
View over Barcelona
Cloisters beyond Benches
See, Pie Crust
Candy Shop
Technicolor Sugar Coma
Tapas fun
Gingerbread with Frosting
Hansel and Gretel, ala Gaudi
View over Barcelona
Barcelona to the sea
Fresh Produce at the market
Sagrada Familia
Front Portico
Centermost scenes
Portico in context
Side view
Gaudi Gargoyles
Dog gotta make a living somehow
Sagrada Familia, Back Portico
Sand castle
Queen of Heaven
Queen of Heaven II
More whimsy...
Casa Batllo
No rules
Casa Batllo, full view
Balcony of Lace