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10 February 2011



I am really glad I found your blog even though I don't know you in real life and even though I don't comment on every post--but I do read all of them, Shelia. I think you have a beautiful voice here, and I look forward to reading your new site when it is up. I love how you express the many aspects of your life and the way you embrace and express your faith. It is inspirational! And I also love reading about your experience with all the books you read. I can't wait to see what is in store for the future! :-)

Julie B

Me too, what Ali said! You scared me at first with this, I thought maybe you were quitting your blog, which would have made me cry! So, I will pray for you to get through the techy stuff, and look forward to your new site! You go girl! :)


Thank you, ladies! Meeting the two of you in this little cyber-world has been a great joy. I learn much from you, and your encouragement has meant more than I can say. Sorry for freaking you out, Julie. :)

Making some changes that will hopefully make my blog more accessible to more people. We'll see....

Wanda Fowler

I'll look forward to your new blog, but I hope I can look back at your archives to some that were special to me--I'm sure you know the ones. Best wishes on your new endeavor. Love ya'

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