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24 February 2011



Shelia, I LOVE this. Thank you for sharing, dear one!


Well said!

Nan Jones

Thank you for sharing this. I am going to repost on FB. I am a pastor's wife so I know full well the abuse and judgment that goes on in the church buildings. I can only pray that Ann Rice will discover that Christianity is NOT a religion, it is a relationship!! And unfortunately, we have modern day Pharisees that warm the pews every Sunday and Wednesday. About a year ago I was complaining about this very thing to my Jesus. He took me to Matthew 23 where He is giving the Pharisees a tongue-lashing about their legalistic, heartless attitudes. The whole chapter is full of, "Woe unto you...!!" The Lord spoke very clearly to my heart and said, "Nan, I dealt with these people every day. Who do you think you and David are that you should not encounter them also?" Well, that got my attention and gave me understanding.

The Body of Christ needs each other for exhortation, accountability, nurturing and discipleship. We must allow God to clean us up through the power of repentance and heal us. And we must not allow Satan to disrupt and destroy the Church any longer.

OK, sermon over.

Bless you!
Nan Jones

Young Mom

I LOVE the C.S. Lewis quote. I grew up in a family that decided the church was to far from God and decided to go it alone. I never want to live with one person defining who God is ever again, even if that one person is me.


Kendra and David, Thanks for the encouragement!

Nan, clearly I am not the only person who feels strongly about this. :) Thank you for your perceptive and personal observations.

Young Mom, I too have learned the folly of my own heart and want to avail myself of the wisdom of those who have gone before and have gone farther.

Wanda Fowler

I heard an interview on NPR with Anne Rice several weeks ago on this topic and it disturbed me. I don't think you can "quit being a Christian and remain committed to Christ." We must remember that churches and all venues for worship are made up of human beings with their many frailties. I don't always agree with the stance my church may take on a particular issue, but I think we must remain committed to ever hope to have any impact for good.

Maurilio Amorim

Great post, Sheila. Thanks for writing it.

Account Deleted

Great post with great points!
Greetings from Romania!


Wanda, well said. I agree.

Maurilio, Thanks for dropping by. Sorry you can't join us on the Ragnar. Maybe next time...


Another vulnerable post - Thanks! Beautiful insights that encourage and inspire!

Cindi Rose

What a beautiful and well-written response to Anne Rice's decision. I am most assuredly IN as well!


What an amazing post, thank you!

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