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18 February 2011


Gail Hyatt

Wow. These are indeed beautiful, beautiful words. I needed to hear them.

I'm going to pull them up again in the morning and really listen to what God is saying to me through them. Please tell Kelsey (? - I think that's right) that I can't wait to meet her someday soon.

Love you, Mama,

GB Naidu

Thoughtful post. I could see the joy of abiding in Christ. Keep it up. Thanks for sharing.


Sheila, you musta done somethin right with that one! She IS amazing, with insight I didn't learn until I was well beyond her years. Wonderful!! Can't wait to see you guys next week

David Teems

Refreshing is the first word that comes to mind. Effervescent may be the next. If only Christianity could remain there, and reclaim some real sense of itself once again. I love this.

Julie B

I so agree with David! Thanks for reposting this Shelia, as I don't believe I was reading your blog when this was first posted. Love it!


Beautifully radiant! Faith is an action word.... if only we all lived by these words.... applied them in our daily living, praying ceaselessly would happen all on its own!
I love the part about weaknesses and vulnerability making you stronger. I would never have believed it as fully if it weren't for the struggles I have personally endured over the course of the past year and see now how much more alive and aware I am..... I was told by a good friend that tears bring strength. Well, not when you're in the middle of a good boo hoo! But, after the weeping, then the sleeping.... wow! Such feelings of arising and cleansing appear. Smiles come from there. Softened hearts are made from the spilling of tears, the surrendering of control.
Beautiful words to live by....to act upon...... to cup our lives with the supportive direction needed to recognize our desires and need to love.

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