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15 February 2011



These thoughts are beauty in its purest form, Shelia. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into their lives and your heart.


Ahhhh, Sheila... Thank you for these tears today. I have so needed to shed them. My heart is there with yours, and all this time later, I still haven't figured out what to do with all those questions. How is it that Rafik (and all the children) can love a total stranger so easily, so unconditionally, and in the blink of an eye? Will he loose that ability as he gets older? Have I ever loved like that? I can answer yes...those same children. And my heart aches again for them, as if I were there tonight.

Thank you for keeping the Warm Heart of Africa alive in me another day. I needed that place stirred again...


Sheila, Thank you. Thank you for posting this one again this week. I know that was really God's prompting, but thank you for being obedient to do it. I guess our precious Rafik won't ever loose his ability to love instantly and unconditionally now. But it was good for me to read these words again. To be reminded anew - and with greater passion and urgency - to pray for these precious, precious people!

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