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13 February 2011


rhonda kemp

It's good to see Tucker cherub-cheeked and happy.

Jen Jarnagin

I love how you tell stories. They are so romantic and magical. What an amazing legacy you have!


"His voice changed. I don't
know how to explain it. But I could hear it. He had this tone,
this way of speaking, that was only hers." I heard it put this way once..."When someone loves you, they say your name differently. You know that your name is safe in their mouth." What a beautiful legacy! Thanks for sharing it with us.


I am glad I saw this post today, Shelia. It s really beautiful. The pictures and the writing actually made me cry! (And here I must emphasize again the beauty and eloquence of your writing that it has the power to do that when I don't know you in realy life!) I remember reading over old posts about your nephew, and this particular posting shows the joy he brought to all your lives while he was here on earth and the love you all had for him. And I think that is wonderful how you picture them together in heaven now. May they enjoy each other's company in eternity.

Conley & Margie

We were glad to see this post today. it is a truly beautiful , true lovestory that not many could have; had told about them with such a grand selection of words.

cheap bikini

love is the most beautiful thing in the world,good job!

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