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03 October 2010



Thank you!

Julie B

Well I have tears here...Praying for your physical recovery to be swift, and for continued dreaming Shelia! :) Let the journey resume...

Iz Holidae

Mi dolce amica... This is why I love who you are. Your glass is ALWAYS half full and NEVER half empty. You are endlessly capable of seeing the beauty, the good, the blessings that most miss along the way. I am sad that you did not meet your goal of this run... but I am SO HAPPY you got to spend more time than you planned in my New York... the NY not many others know... beyond the hustle and bustle... amidst the lakes, the grapes, the farms, the forests, the hills, the art, the refreshing breath of life that MY New York is... I am glad you got to see the beauty of the place that I have called home.

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