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21 October 2010


Julie B

Well said! and I'm glad you added Seth's thoughts! As Walt Disney put it "There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island." Agreed. Long live the library! :)


I love libraries of all kinds! When they decided to cut funding for libraries in Ohio where I live, I thought that was a terrible, terrible move. Since I graduated from school many years ago, I have become a frequent visitor to the library. I started a new job working at a university three months ago, and the college library is right in front of the building where I work. I love having the library so close, and I have over ten books out right now.

Though I do buy many of my books, my first stop many times is the library to check out the book first to decide if it is one I actually want to own. Many time I decide I want to read a book but don't want to purchase it, and I think the library is such a wonderful resource for this. And I do agree with you that libraries are great places of synergy. I have fond memories of both my college and law school libraries.

And last, I am not a fan at all of e-readers. I do have an iphone, but technology does not come easily to me. I had toyed with the idea of buying an e-reader, but I am going to hold off for a while because while I am passionate about reading, technololy frustrates me--and I would hate to to try reading something only to become completely frustrated by the technology of an e-reader as simple as it may be to use.


My 4 children check out a combined total of 22 different books at the library each week (and usually a few dvds)- ALL of which are read. And we homeschool, so as I create our lesson plans, I supplement everything from the library, combing the aisles like a french housewife, picking up whatever looks good that day, and many books that enhance our lessons at school- which adds up to about 75 more books a semester....

And so- I believe our city's libraries are extremely important!


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