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15 October 2010



Can't wait to see this. Thanks for the preview.


May it be so.


Wonderful, wonderful post, Shelia! I know so little about formal art history, and the book you mentioned, The Judgment of Paris, has piqued my curiosity. (I ordered it from the library.) Thanks for the review and sharing your thoughts from the exhibit.

Julie B

Exquisite! :)


Thanks for sharing! Til January 23rd, huh? Perhaps I can find my way to Nashville. Impressionist are my fav!


Melody, you will love it. Take a pad and pencil. There will be words. Lots of words... :)

Thank you, Jack. So much.

Ali, once you finish the book, you will want to make a road trip to Nashville to see the exhibit. It's not that far. Let me know when and we'll go together. :)

Julie, all the more reason for a visit, eh?

Michelle, I happen to know a great little bed and breakfast. Special deal for you, my friend. :)

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