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18 October 2010



I've read your archived posts in the last couple of days, and wanted to mention that you've got a wonderful place here- your words are refreshing, and honest, and as an art lover, it's also wonderful to read your art-related posts/thoughts. Also, as a near- 30 year old mother of 4 grade school/ preschool aged children, I'm always refreshed to see a mother a step ahead of me who is thinking, reading, creating, and writing- it's wonderful to see women I can look up to.



Megan, thanks for visiting. One of the lovely bits of this whole online world are the friends we meet along the way. I enjoyed a peruse of your blog. Your writing and your photographs were sweet gifts. Blessings to you and your family.


Thanks- I did read Permission to Speak Freely last week, and on my second trip through it, I checked the end notes to find where your blog excerpt had come from- I'm always encouraging people to choose art that challenges them- and you articulated it well! So I thought, I've got to let her know! Great words!



I live near where he grew up, and what amazing work he does.


Megan, Ha! Well, that explains a lot. :) Glad you enjoyed the book. Anne is a remarkable woman. And, glad it brought you here. We are very like, you and I. I have an idea we will be friends.

Mimi, I suppose you probably live with his work near you then. It is only with us for a season. Trying to spend as much time with it as possible.

Iz Holidae

Sooooooo sad I wasn't able to see it in this magnificent place! Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you! The pictures are amazing.

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