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12 October 2010



I did the same thing to my mom, I had my oldest when I was 18 and unmarried. We got married a month later, are still married, and parent our two sons together.
But, it's hard, and a rocky rough road. My love and prayers. And, your new wee one is beautiful, as babies are :)


Again, you nailed it. What a beautiful post and one so dear to my heart. As you know we are there for you, Mike and your sweet Kelsey. The road is hard, but the blessings are greater. Love to all.

Julie B

Your honesty & heart are a gift Shelia, thank you! I'm going to remember Gail's question (such a great one!) so gracias for including that :) And muchas felicidades too of course! Life indeed is a gift! :)


Mimi, thanks for sharing your story. It is very encouraging. Blessings to you and your dear family.

Cathy, thanks for wisdom and encouragement already shared. And thanks in advance for all that is to come.

Julie, thank you for your kind wishes. And, yes, Gail is a wise woman. It's a great mantra.

Iz Holidae

Shelia, I am so incredibly proud of you and Kelsey both. Of your sweet family. It is not every family who reacts with the grace, mercy, and love that you have. I have to admit, I didn't know how to react in the moment she told me... but I couldn't help being excited, yet terrified at the same time. The excitement won out. This IS a gift. And I know that your family will be closer for it. Will be blessed for it. Will love more deeply than ever - because of the precious unexpected gift.
I'm so proud of the way you love her through this. And I can't wait to listen to you be obnoxious about this baby! =)
You are, yet again, such an inspiration


"Because we have learned, through follies of our own, that God takes a peculiar pleasure in transforming what seem to be impossible situations into vibrant displays of His glory."

Beautifully said sweet sister <3


Beauty lies in each of us just waiting to escape...for that is the way God created us. Yet the fall happened. Do we succumb to the fall...or do we choose to fall into His arms knowing that what He has for us is good, perhaps not easy, yet very good.

Much love to you all!


Thanks for sharing your life with us....you walk it with truth, beauty and goodness. Looking forward to all that is to come.
Much love....


Praying for you guys...and sincere congratulations on a blessing wrapped in a surprise.


Thank you, sweet friends, for your kind words, for your love and your prayers. They mean more than you know.

Wanda Fowler

For some reason, I missed this when you originally posted it. I know Kelsey appreciates your wonderful support through what started out to be a difficult situation. I'm excited for you, Mike and most of all Kelsey--can't wait to see that little angel.

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