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20 January 2009



It was certainly a monumental day in my life and our history. I appreciate your selections from the transcripts which were truly some defining moments. God bless!

David Groenenboom, Brisbane, Australia

Dear friend,

Thank you for your considered thoughts. May your President's own words be fulfilled positively and consistently both in the US and through US foreign & aid policy: "[the] people [of tomorrow] will judge you on what you can build..." May he be a builder of good, right, restoration, humility, justice, compassion and peace.


Steve Shepherd of MobileCause

Very well said! What sank in as deeply as anything else happened not today, but last night while watching the Kid's Inauguration" on the Disney Channel with my 8 yr old daughter. I don't recall any previous generation of youth engaged so positively in an administration, let alone an inaugural celebration. Can it be that our young people have been sprinkled with a dose of hope and purpose? I hope and pray that something takes root.

;o) Steve (a proud member of the body of Christ...and Pastor Rick's church)

Michelle Sutton

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Those were some incredibly moving phrases you highlighted. I missed the whole thing because I had to work today. But I am catching up now. Your observations are appreciated.

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