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22 January 2011


Forrest Long

A beautiful tribute to a man of God. Thanks for sharing.
Memory eternal, Father Seraphim.

Joel Smith

Well said about a life well lived.

Fr justin Mathews

Praise be the Lord. It made me joyful and cry... Thank you.
Fr. Justin


Forrest, Thank you. It is good to meet you. I enjoyed visiting your blog.

Joel, Thank you, friend. He told the story best.

Father Justin, Thank you for visiting. And thank you for the important work you are doing with FOCUS. Our women are still talking about your time with us in November. Blessings to you and your family.

Miguel Muelle

I had the privilege of calling him my friend first, and then my Father. My beloved and I met him while we were searching, and he confirmed the depth and breadth of Orthodoxy as the fullness of God's Church. He loved all creatures, and never judged people, especially when they were following Christ in their own way still, praying them into the Truth. I love him and miss him terribly. Thank you for these beautiful words.


Miguel, thank you for sharing your story here. It was good to hear from you and from Lynne. I wish I had known Father Seraphim as well as you. May God be near you in your grief.

Dn. Michael Hyatt

Thank you for writing about this experience. Fr. Seraphim was perhaps the most Christ-like man I have ever known. Being with him this week was deeply moving. Vesting him for his burial was unforgettable. I will never put on my on own vestments again without thinking of this ultimate vesting. May his memory be eternal!


Deacon Michael, deep is the gratitude I feel because there was a part I could play. A way to walk the grief. Tangibly. I can only imagine what it was like for those of you who have ministered beside him at the altar, to share that last intimacy with him. To prepare him for the journey. Thank you.

Karissa Sorrell

Shelia, this is beautiful! Memory Eternal, Father Seraphim!

Julie B


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