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04 January 2011



I don't do well at Goodwill, but I can handle Marti and Liz for shoes. Steve travels pretty regularly and always gets his books from the library versus buying.


Thanks Tinia! Marti and Liz is a great suggestion! Really great brands reasonably priced. And, like Steve, probably 75% of all my reads are library books. Thank God for the library!!

Wanda Fowler

Thanks for the tips! Maybe you can give Ms. Cheap some competition.


most of my new (post baby) wardrobe has come from consignment shopping - and while we have been using Suave in our house for 16 years - a few months ago I swapped that out for baking soda mixed with water :) hard to beat the price of that! Conditioning cost a bit more - using honey from our neighbor, but has worked great and you can't beat the smell.


Ooooo, I'm intrigued! I don't have the neighbor source for honey, though I have a food co-op I order from sometimes where I can buy it by the gallon. Pretty cheap. Great idea! Thanks!

And you are too modest to mention that you sew marvelous clothing for you and your children, but I can say that. :)

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