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24 January 2011


Wanda Fowler

I think you stand with another in pain, primarily by just being there--as you said, providing meals, sending notes, going with someone to the doctor or for treatments. In the loss of a loved one, it's amazing how much cards, letters and phone calls comfort. It is also great to have someone relay a story, poignant or funny, about that loved one. The one bit of advice I would add is to be cautious about offering UNSOLICITED advice about coping because we all cope in our own way. Just being there, offering hugs and your presence are the most valuable gift you can give.


My friend, Pastor Mike Glenn, says the best thing he does for his flock is simply to stand still and quiet alongside them. He's a wise man....


Thank you, Rhonda. Wise indeed.

Wanda, thank you, especially for the bit about unsolicited advice. So very true.

Julie B

For me, it's definitely listening and praying, giving hugs, and when I have words, I share them. Others have stood by me in the same ways. I have a good friend who called me every morning for months on end after my husband died, just letting me know she was there for me, thinking of me, willing to do anything to help me. That was a gift.

I understand about pain having a role to play, and as much as it hurts us to see people in pain, we all go through it and we all come out of it bitter or better. I pray always for the better, which is why I probably always offer book recommendations when I know of appropriate ones. When I wake up in the middle of the night with all these concerns, I just start praying for the people involved, and then that helps. It has not been easy learning this though, as I'm going through so much heartrending pain right now with regards to Sergio's family.

Thanks for sharing this, Shelia, I needed to hear it right now...God bless you, and I pray Kelsey is ok!

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